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What does a DataOps expert do?

The word “DataOps” isn’t a common sight in job titles — yet. But as our survey of leaders at oil and gas supermajors and CXOs in manufacturing, construction, and power showed, data savvy is one of the skills that will be in high demand in the coming years.

One of the few people with “DataOps” in their job title is Simon Trewin, who works for the financial services technology consulting firm Kinaesis. Trewin (who styles himself as a DataOps transformation expert) last week spoke with DevOps Online about why DataOps “is now of essential value to businesses.”

Trewin described DataOps as “the art of driving data-driven projects in continuous integration and continuous deployment cycle. This then enables teams to be able to incrementally build solutions fast, potentially fail fast, and to get those solutions in front of stakeholders to help guide the direction and to build collaboration and momentum.”

The many benefits of DataOps include simplifying testing and analysis, aligning data responsibilities, and boosting productivity, Trewin told DevOps Online.

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