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Top stories shaping your industry, week of September 30

  • From pledge to action? An analysis from BloombergNEF, shows that 111 companies of the climate “focus” list have set net-zero targets: that is two-thirds of the world’s heaviest emitters. Although the climate pledges are impressive, it is the tangible steps that will matter, shares Axios.
  • NASA launched a new Earth-observing satellite: This satellite will provide a “rich form of data” that will capture changes in the planet’s landscape, which will be vital in understanding and managing Earth’s resources. 
  • Global power shortage: There is a worrying shortage of energy from Europe to China – and beyond, caused by supply restraints from the world’s top producers, which poses threats to supply chains and homes. 
  • How high will oil prices climb? Oil prices rise above $80 a barrel for the first time in three years. 
  • Less talk, more action: Making headlines in the Nordics, the CEO of Ørsted, Mads Nipper, says that a successful energy transition (link in Norwegian) depends not just on technology, but on proper leadership willing to make bold moves. 

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