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Top stories shaping your industry, week of November 22

CO2 made into rock? A newly opened plant in Iceland sucks carbon dioxide from the air and turns it into rock. The direct air capture technology aims to capture emissions already in the atmosphere. 

Big bucks toward clean tech: The European commission will invest €1.5 billion in innovative cleantech projects for renewable energy, energy-intensive industries, energy storage, and carbon capture, use, and storage.

US infrastructure bill becomes law: US President Joe Biden last week signed a $1 trillion infrastructure bill. The bill includes $65 billion for power and electric grid upgrades, assessments of minerals and supply chains for clean energy technology, and carbon capture and clean energy demonstration projects.

Chip shortage leads to decoupling: The global chip shortage is making US manufacturers reevaluate their dependence on overseas supply. 

Historic milestone: The US has kicked off construction of its “first commercial-scale offshore wind farm,” located off the coast of Massachusetts.

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