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Top stories shaping your industry, week of December 13th

10% increase in gas prices: Europeans gas prices rise yet again after Germany rejects pipeline from Russia over concerns that Russia could use it as a political weapon.

Norway helps ease sky-high electricity prices: The government will subsidize electricity bills for households (not) feeling the heat.  

Green development in China: The world’s top greenhouse gas emitter unveils a five-year plan to boost green development in its industrial sectors. 

Storing energy in salt? A Danish startup has developed technology that can store energy in molten salt. It has raised $12 million from backers, including Denmark’s richest man.   

Green Bitcoin transition: Bitcoin in its current form is not ESG compliant, but significant process has been made this year. 

Wind power was Spain’s dominant source of electricity in 2021: Renewable sources cover 47% of the country’s consumption