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Top stories shaping your industry for the month of April 2022

Emmanuel Macron wins France’s presidential election: After defeating rival Marine Le Pen, Macron now has an opportunity to not only transform France, but to shape Europe’s future.

More supply chain disruptions: Recent covid-related shutdowns in Shanghai are heaping more pressure on global supply chains.  

The war in Ukraine rages on: The World Bank announced that the war “will mean high food and energy prices for three years”, the biggest commodity shock since the 1970s.

China lags behind on promises on climate: Officials in China have approved plans to build more coal-fired power to inject money into the economy and revive growth.

The US needs stronger power grids: A new federal proposal would require transmission providers to develop bigger, stronger, and smarter grids to support the energy transition. 

Climate change in action: Due to decades-long drought combined with abundant dry vegetation, the American Southwest is facing another challenging year with wildfires.