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Top stories shaping your industry for the month of June 2022

“Cheap energy is gone”: During a summit in Brussels, EU leaders agreed to boost preparations for further cuts in Russian gas. The leaders have urged the European Commission to propose a plan to secure energy supply at affordable prices. 

Nowhere to hide: Procurement and other documents reviewed by The New York Times show that over 1.4 billion people living in China are constantly watched by technology. 

Global food crisis worsens: Higher energy prices combined with constrained exports from Ukraine and Russia are threatening some of the world’s most vulnerable populations.

A G7 “Belt and Road Initiative”: US President Joe Biden announced that G7 partners and private capital will aim to invest $600 billion in the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investments, a counter to China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Green aviation takes flight: The Swedish airline Braathens Regional Airlines performed the first test flight with 100% sustainable aviation fuel in both engines. This is a major milestone for the aviation industry, as it proves that the technology works and can be adapted by other players in the industry. 

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