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These five leaders are turning heads in the worlds of industry, energy, and tech

We’re always on the lookout for leaders in technology and industry making cutting-edge, unexpected, off-the-beaten-path moves to turn their companies into future-ready frontrunners in their sectors. 

Scanning the worlds of renewable energy, digital services, finance, hardware, software, and media in recent weeks, we’ve got our eyes on five global industry, business, and tech leaders who we believe are driving forces of sustainable, data-driven changes in their industries right now. Here they are:

Mary Quaney, CEO, Mainstream Renewable Power

Photo: Courtesy of Mainstream Renewable Power

Mary Quaney is putting her money where her mouth is, telling Bloomberg recently that the challenge in scaling renewable power “isn’t a shortage of capital. It’s enabling the capital to be deployed at a far more rapid pace than what it is today.” She’s fast, she’s resourceful, and she’s getting ahead. The company she leads is on track to becoming one of the world’s first pure-play renewable energy majors.

Mads Nipper, CEO, Ørsted 

Photo: Courtesy of Ørsted

Mads Nipper is among the industrial giants pressuring governments to accelerate the global economy away from high-carbon, high-pollution activities. This comes on the heels of the UN’s updated climate report, and it’s not all talk either: Mads’s company, Ørsted, is the global leader in offshore wind power and is ranked as the most sustainable energy company in the world. They are signing deals right and left to help major corporations go 100% renewable.

Julie Sweet, CEO, Accenture

Julie Sweet CEO Accenture
Image: Ignite News

Already named Fortune’s most powerful woman in business, Julie Sweet is taking her digital consulting behemoth on a tear, injecting $4 billion into M&A initiatives, “snapping up dozens of companies to broaden its skillset and capabilities and to deepen its industry and functional expertise” with the intent to drive innovation and growth in the industrial and tech sectors. All of that to say, watch Accenture closely this coming quarter.

Junichi Miyakawa, CEO, SoftBank

Image: Courtesy of SoftBank

Former SoftBank CTO, Junichi Miyakawa took the reins of Japanese tech, energy, and financial giant SoftBank in April and is looking to industrial-scale AI to kickstart big transformations, including making smart buildings and smart cities a reality. With the world crying out for digitalization, he says, SoftBank is focused on fully utilizing AI, promoting digital transformation at the corporate, industrial, and governmental levels.

Judson Althoff, EVP and Chief Commercial Officer, Microsoft

Image: Microsoft, CNBC

Judson Althoff has taken on a new role at Microsoft, heading the new Microsoft Customer and Partner Solutions organization, and it could become one of the most consequential in a company whose Azure platform is already one of the go-to cloud services for asset-heavy industries. Althoff now oversees Microsoft’s global commercial business, which spans enterprise, the public sector, industry, developer and partner communities.

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