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The anthems that will define industry in 2022

Ignite News asked five industrial leaders to look ahead and tell us what’s in store for their industries in the new year—through song.

Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson

Carri Lockhart, EVP Technology, Digital and Innovation at Equinor, says that our energy systems will need to get much stronger in 2022 to prepare for the energy demands of societies in an affordable and reliable way. She doesn’t believe that oil and gas will disappear anytime soon, but this industry will need to aggressively decarbonize, all while providing capital, competencies, and capacity to create future sustainable energy solutions.

“The world is moving at an incredibly fast pace,” Lockhart said. “This is an exciting time to be in the industry, whether it is decarbonizing oil and gas or delivering renewable and low-carbon solutions. For individuals who love working on complex problems, I believe the opportunities are vast in terms of ability to make a difference.”

It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons

For Mary Quaney, Chief Executive Officer of Mainstream Renewable Power, it’s time to make a shift. The Glasgow Climate Pact has added real momentum to move toward renewable energy, she said, and last year alone, 100% of net new power generation installed globally was either wind, solar photovoltaic, or hydro.

“There is real change afoot,” Quaney said. “In 2022, the renewable energy industry will (again) install more capacity than coal, gas, and nuclear combined, as it will be the cheapest source of new power generation in most countries. I anticipate that the world will recover faster than predicted from the pandemic, and that this growth will be powered increasingly by renewables. I expect to be (pleasantly) surprised by how quickly the transition from hydrocarbons to renewables accelerates through 2022.”

Start me up” by the Rolling Stones

Kristoffer Dahlberg, CFO of Aker Clean Hydrogen, said that the hydrogen industry will finally be saying start me up in unison in 2022. He’s confident that the real race begins now, with several agreements on opportunities like green hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol projects finally being signed. This is when the winners will emerge, he said, along with new global trade routes and rapidly accelerating technology development.

“After a few false starts, the hydrogen economy is really kicking off this time,” Dahlberg said. “There is a significant consumer push to go green, which is forcing companies and governments to speed up their decarbonization efforts. We expect that our own hydrogen project, Hegra, will mature in 2022, and that we will take some major steps in the decarbonization of ammonia production—paving the way for reducing carbon in ammonia production globally.”

Turn of the tide” by SKAAR

Hege Brende, CEO of Rainpower, believes that while hydropower’s role in the net-zero future has never been in doubt, there’s a turn of the tide coming for this essential renewable energy source. She said that it might surprise people to know that hydropower’s CO2 footprint is lower than other renewable sources, and it boasts unprecedented efficiency and capacity for energy storage. Flexibility is key to the energy future, Brende explained, and the intermittency of wind and solar make hydro an important third leg to stand on the road to a carbon-free world.

“Too many know too little about hydropower as a renewable technology and its spectacular contributions to a dynamic, healthy, and flexible energy system,” Brende said. “Yes, it’s a mature technology, and it’s exactly what we need to enable the energy ‘newbies’ in the green family.”

High Hopes” by Panic! at the Disco

When Slimane Allab, SVP of Manufacturing at Cognite, says he has high hopes for digitalization in manufacturing, then you know he must be on to something. Covid-19 hit this industry hard, but it also served as a swift kick into the future. Allab believes that innovations such as extended reality, computer vision, and smarter use of data are helping manufacturers maintain momentum and accelerate their transformations, no matter what’s playing out on the world stage. 

“With the world health situation and incoming regulations, we face a lot in 2022,” Allab said “But I’m pinning my hopes on the power of data and the value of liberating information to not only support profitability in manufacturing, but also to boost sustainability. It comes down to one word that we all need to embrace: action!”

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