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Oyvind Eriksen Ignite Talks keynote

In one of the first in-person industry events since COVID-19, international leaders from across asset-heavy industries took to the stage in Oslo, Norway, on Sept. 21, to present how they are working toward net zero or net negative and the investments they’re making in technology, ESG solutions, and workforce transformation. Set to a backdrop of industrial images juxtaposed with glimpses of majestic nature, the industrial technology and digitalization conference provided a blunt reminder of the world that these net-zero pledges are trying to protect.

[Editor’s note: All of these sessions, plus dozens of other Ignite Talks, are available on-demand now.]

Incoming Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre
Image: Incoming Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre

It was election day in Norway on Monday, a Norwegian right likened to selecting one’s favorite apple from the spectrum of apple varieties. It’s a far cry from the “apples and oranges” polarization pickle that other nations find themselves caught in these days, and by all accounts, Norway’s 5.328 million inhabitants are happier for it – at least according to the World Happiness Index.

The red apples were the fan favorites this year, with Norway’s Labor Party, Arbeiderpartiet, taking the top spot. The triumphant party will now commence talks with their more like-minded political peers on how their coalition government will pan out. It’s a process of collaboration and compromise, which are perhaps the defining characteristics of any Norwegian regime, no matter how red or blue. 

Norwegian public affairs expert Erlend Bollman Bjørtvedt, founder of the country risk mitigation company Corisk, sheds some light on how Norway exercises its impact and what the awaiting administration may influence next.

5 industry and tech leaders to watch right now

We’re always on the lookout for leaders in technology and industry making cutting-edge, unexpected, off-the-beaten-path moves to turn their companies into future-ready frontrunners in their sectors.

Scanning the worlds of renewable energy, digital services, finance, hardware, software, and media in recent weeks, we’ve got our eyes on five global industry, business, and tech leaders who we believe are driving forces of sustainable, data-driven changes in their industries right now. Here they are:

If you’re a climate tech startup these days, it appears there’s no shortage of people wanting to give you money. The likes of Bill Gates, Amazon, and even Iron Man himself are investing in our planet by way of technology, according to AngelList Ventures, while major energy companies are doing the same to either ease the transition ahead or to make sure they’re at the forefront of it.

A who’s who of energy giants entering the clean tech start-up space: