Tag: 1-Minute Roundup

The most important stories on industrial digitalization, sustainability, and the energy transition from around the world in the past two weeks:

Tipping the iceberg: 7 billion metric tons of rain fell across Greenland between Aug. 14-16, the most in recorded history (dating back to 1950). It’s also the first time that rain, not snow, fell on Greenland’s highest peak. Scientists have spotted signs of “extreme” melting.

Does autopilot come standard? Yara Birkeland, a Norwegian company, has created what it calls the world’s first zero-emission, autonomous cargo ship.

Sunny Europe: Solar panels produced nearly 10% of the EU’s electricity during this year’s sunny summer months. Within the EU, the Netherlands, Germany, and Spain generated the largest proportion of their electricity – nearly one-fifth – from solar power this summer.

Could Tesla charge your Tesla? Tesla wants to sell electricity directly to customers in Texas, according to an application filed by the company this month with the Texas Public Utility Commission.

We’re lacking computer chips: Semiconductors, known as “chips”, power everything from computers, smartphones, cars to gaming consoles. Although the demand is soaring in the US, fewer are being manufactured there.