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Industrial CXOs: The roles we’ll need but haven’t yet hired

We’ve surveyed about a dozen executives in various industries about the roles they will need in the next 5-10 years.

Top leaders at oil and gas supermajors and CXOs in manufacturing, construction, and power all agreed that these are the types of jobs that are being discussed behind closed doors, based on insights and careful observation of industry development. Here’s a look at some of the job titles that 2025-2030 may have to offer.

Creative thinkers: Innovation Advisors, Technology Managers

Data-savvy digital masterminds: Digital Product Owner, Digital Manufacturing Specialists, IT/OT Systems Integration Experts, Data Scientists

New energy explorers: Clean Hydrogen Technology Specialists, Offshore Wind Farm Project Directors, Industry Decarbonization Advisors

Robotics frontrunners: Robotics and Automation Experts, Factory Automation Engineers

Visionaries: AR/VR Specialists, Digital Strategy Advisors

Hybrids of domain and tech roles: Petrotechs with enhanced capacities in the data and software development space, and mechanical engineers crossed with software developers

This new breed of job titles and tasks seem to be well-aligned with the World Economic Forum (WEF) “Future of Jobs Report 2020” vision. WEF predicts that “technology adoption will transform tasks, jobs, and skills by 2025.” The report presents the startling figure of 85 million jobs that may be displaced due to the future division of labor between humans and machines. At the same time, 97 million new roles will be created, thanks to new jobs that are better suited to a trio of humans, machines, and algorithms working in tandem. 

We are at the point of “double disruption” now, the WEF says, and the list of jobs being made behind closed doors will be out in the open sooner rather than later. 

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