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Coming September 2021: Ignite Talks

The countdown to 2050 has begun. And the industries that power the world’s economies need to transform now to make the vision of a greener, smarter second half of the 21st century a reality.

We have a little more than 28 years, a little less than three decades, until the clock runs out. Ten thousand days to transform.

Ignite Talks 2021 will bring together leaders and innovators from technology, industry, and government who aren’t letting a single day go to waste. During this three-day virtual conference, we’ll chart the course, decade by decade, toward 2050.

Ignite Talks 2021 will explore:

  • The energy transition and the technology making it possible
  • AI-driven decision-making in the industry
  • Empowering citizen developers and data scientists
  • The future of analytics
  • New business models and ecosystems
  • Software trends and applications for heavy-asset industries
  • Data science for the industry
  • Scaling digitalization past proofs of concept
  • Automation and robotics for the industry
  • Next steps in industrial digitalization

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