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Big Energy plants seeds for the future

If you’re a climate tech startup these days, it appears there’s no shortage of people wanting to give you money. The likes of Bill Gates, Amazon, and even Iron Man himself are investing in our planet by way of technology, according to AngelList Ventures, while major energy companies are doing the same to either ease the transition ahead or to make sure they’re at the forefront of it. 

A who’s who of energy giants entering the clean tech start-up space:

Equinor and its techstars

Equinor and Techstars are on the hunt for innovative energy startups. Together, they’ve designed an accelerator program that specializes in energy companies seeking to disrupt the industry and change it for the better.

Third Derivative and its funds

Third Derivative, an accelerator from New Energy Nexus and the Rocky Mountain Institute, is funding promising climate tech. With 10 corporate partners in tow (Shell, bp, and Microsoft, to name a few) they say they will start small and then go big once they find the next “Tesla.”

Shell and its gamechangers

Shell Gamechanger takes on early-stage startups to explore the future of energy together. They offer support, through a team of their own experts, as well as seed funding.

bp and its ventures

bp Ventures is part of bp’s strategy for staying at the top of the energy game. Their investment outfit seeks high-growth tech companies that jive well with bp’s business, in addition to digital startups that support the company’s carbon reduction mission.

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