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Apples and oranges: Decarbonizing Big Tech vs. Big Oil

Photo: Hans Kristian Thorbjørnsen

There’s a lot of naming and shaming going on when it comes to setting ambitious enough climate goals. Big Tech seems to always come out on top, while Big Oil is relegated to worst-in-class. But is this a fair comparison? Hard-to-abate sectors are exactly that: hard-to-abate. Should we use a different kind of stick to measure them?

Linda Hofstad Helleland (pictured above), the Norwegian Minister of Regional Development and Digitalization, builds some bridges:

“Old and new industries need to cooperate to succeed with climate goals. Cutting emissions in traditional industries is challenging and requires innovations from emerging tech companies. Being fit for a digital future and supporting a green deal for our societies are two targets that complement each other very well. Combining new technologies and new business models in traditional industries is therefore a smart way to achieve ambitious climate goals.”

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