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100-word rundown: Hydrogen with Jon André Løkke, CEO of Nel Hydrogen

Hydrogen will play an important role in the energy transition. According to Goldman Sachs, hydrogen generation can become a $1 trillion market.

As many companies ramp up their investments in hydrogen, it’s time to debunk a few myths about the clean fuel. 

We asked Jon André Løkke, CEO of Nel Hydrogen, to answer three rapid-fire questions in less than 100 words.

How does hydrogen work, how it is sustainable, and why should(n’t) it be compared to nuclear?

Jon André Løkke: Hydrogen has multiple modes of application: a storage device, handling intermittencies, decarbonizing heavy industry and chemical processes, and transportation. It’s the ultimate energy carrier! And when produced via electrolysis utilizing renewable energy sources, it’s a key part of a sustainable future.

Nuclear, on the other hand, is an energy source—not a carrier—so its uses are limited. But this power source can be turned into hydrogen, hence, hydrogen can make nuclear relevant in a range of new areas.

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