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Top stories shaping your industry, week of November 1

COP 26: 40 nations are backing “Glasgow Breakthrough”, a plan to boost the uptake of clean technology by 2030. 

Australia, the “black sheep”? According to the Climate Council’s latest assessment, Australia remains the worst performing of all developed countries when it comes to climate change. At COP 26, more than 90 nations signed a global pledge to cut methane emissions. However, Australia was not among them.

Industrial company bounceback: Hydro and Equinor both delivered record quarterly results. Where will they be placing their money? 

New hubs forming in the US: Mississippi can potentially be the largest hub in the US for green hydrogen, and New Jersey might be the new capital of offshore wind

Fumio Kishida, the new Japanese prime minister: Kishida’s Liberal Democratic Party secured 261 seats in the 465-member lower house. This week he will attend COP26 and explain how Japan will reach its carbon emissions targets by 2030 and 2050

Europe is the fastest-growing region for climate tech: 2021 has been a record year for climate tech investment, with $32B raised so far. As part of the virtual SOSV Climate Tech Summit, Bill Gates predicted that “there will be eight Teslas, 10 Teslas” in the climate tech space.