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Aize’s moonshot: Industrial software for innovative workflows

This month, Ignite News is featuring three companies with big ideas and big goals for this decade. Moonshot or not? You decide.

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The term moonshot emerged in the 1950s, a time when the very idea of innovation and ambition was tied to the act of propelling a spacecraft all the way to the moon. Today, the definition of moonshot has outgrown its lunar roots and become synonymous with the ambitions of people and companies to do something life-altering and oftentimes mind-blowing.

Jarle Skrebergene, CEO of Aize, envisions a future in which capital-intensive projects and operations are performed in a fundamentally different way.

What’s Aize’s next moonshot?

Jarle Skrebergene: Our moonshot is to transform capital-intensive projects and operations and make them fully digital. This means creating a single source of truth for all stakeholders through user-friendly software that enables people in these industries to fundamentally change the way they run projects and operate facilities. 

Developing software is “easy enough,” but creating software that changes people’s behavior is difficult. But when we achieve this moonshot, we will genuinely have helped industries in the transition to a sustainable future.

What are you doing to get there?

JS: We are developing a software product—Aize—that will make PDFs in industry just as outdated as VHS cassettes are in your living room. As projects and assets become more and more complex, our ability to manage and maintain them must improve simultaneously. 

We think the best way to do that is by providing the people involved with a product that brings all the information they need to the forefront—when they need it—to provide intuitive overviews, and gently, but firmly, guide them toward making the right decisions. 

We base this workspace on a digital twin of their physical asset that lets them navigate the sea of information and collaborate with their colleagues and partners in entirely new ways. Say goodbye to siloed and scattered information and hello to a single source of truth. Ultimately, we aim to harness the power of users to let them discover their own ways to improve their data and work processes.

If you achieve your moonshot, what will the world look like in 2030?

JS: We will have helped our customers run capital projects in fundamentally different ways than they did back in 2022, just as we have made operations of such assets more efficient. If we succeed, our primary customers are better positioned to fuel the world with renewable energy in a cost-efficient manner, and their employees will have become “digital engineers.”

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